Location and Status

Basin: Northern Browse/Central Bonaparte Basin Ashmore Platform
Area: 1,344 km2 (AC/P 45); 2,692 km2 (AC/P 55)
Water Depth: 75 – 200 metres
Status: Exploration Permit


Finder Energy (100%, Operator)

Permit Highlights

  • Finder’s 3D seismic data and regional knowledge have high graded the oil potential of the Northern Browse Basin and the drill-ready Alpha and Epsilon prospects.
  • Robust 3D seismic mapped Alpha and Epsilon multi-level prospects have used seismic inversion technologies to demonstrate high quality reservoir and seal potential.
  • Integrated studies with Geoscience Australia has revealed a new oil charge model for the basin.
  • In addition to this the Permits fully capture the new exciting Zeta Play concept, a Permian karstified limestone play with multiple large >100 km2 leads mapped.
  • Finder has farmout opportunities available across both permits, please contact Aaron Bond at info@finderenergy.com or click here for more details.