Location and Status

Basin: Northern Carnarvon Basin, Exmouth Sub-basin
Area: 1,276 km2
Water Depth: 500 – 1,100 metres
Status: Exploration Permit


Finder Energy (100%, Operator)

Permit Highlights

  • Permit located in the proven Triassic Mungaroo gas play with nearby discoveries at Ragner, Toro, Satyr and Isosceles.
  • High quality Exmouth Isometrix 3D acquired and depth processing completed Q3 2018.
  • Multiple play levels; Oil – Cretaceous Barrow Group; Gas, Triassic upper and intra-Mungaroo Formation sandstones.
  • Mayflower prospect with observed AVO on new 3D data
  • Ideally located for LNG tie back
  • Finder has farmout opportunities available for this permit, for more information please contact Aaron Bond at info@finderenergy.com